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​​Tomorrow Is My New Day (NEW - Coming September 2019)


Tomorrow is my Day, is a sprawling saga of the Colorado Desert with Mt. San Jacinto at the back door as the family of the first white settlers tries taming it for farming and develops a new town called Palm Springs, California in the 1880’s.

It follows Kathryn Davidson, their daughter, as she reluctantly takes over their land in the Coachella Valley after the death of her father and struggles to hold it through floods, winds, droughts, and depressions. From an adobe house brimming with frontier life, natural disasters, numerous suitors, and cunning financial tyrants, she strives to fulfill her father’s dream for the land.

At its heart, the book is a vast breath of desert air from the burning sand to lofty San Jacinto and the gold mines of Joshua Tree. Tomorrow Is My Day carries the reader through eighty years of beating arid desert into farm land while hosting General Patton and two Presidents, and demanding back from the land, compensation for her yesterdays.


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